Travertine Cleaning in Niagara

travertine cleaning niagara

For decades homes, business and public landmarks have used travertine to add elegance and beauty to their appearance. Travertine is used to build floors, countertops, walls, showers, and other interesting structures.  Travertine is a unique and beautiful stone that adds warmth to any building or structure.

Cleaning Travertine

Here at Professional Carpet Systems in Niagara we highly recommend that you hire a professional when attempting to clean travertine. The professionals at Professional Carpet Systems in Niagara have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to travertine cleaning in Niagara.  Our certified experts can properly determine the variation of your travertine and create a customized cleaning plan for the best results possible.

Don’t trust anyone who believes travertine uses a “one-size-fits-all” cleaning routine. That mentality is a recipe for disaster.

Avoid These Mistakes

Using the wrong tools, equipment, sealers or chemicals could cause etching and permanent staining.

  • Never perform travertine cleaning in Niagara with the following products:
  • Products containing bleach, lemon, vinegar or other acidic ingredients.
  • Scouring creams or powders.
  • High alkaline cleaners

Cleaning solutions above a pH level of 8.0 can and will dull your stone.

Professional Carpet Systems in Niagara utilizes top of the line cleaning products specifically meant to clean and restore travertine. Our cleaning products to not contain and harmful chemicals that could result in etching or damage travertine sealant.

Avoid Generic Sealers

Most homeowners make the mistake of using a generic sealer for the travertine. Most generic sealers can leave behind a sticky residue. Travertine is a porous stone and you should find a sealer that matches the type of stone you have.

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