Upholstery Cleaning 101

upholstery cleaning niagaraThere are few things worse than sinking into a dingy, dirty couch at the end of a long day. Unlike leather furniture that often wipes clean, upholstery traps dirt and stains and can be much more difficult to maintain. So take a look around your living room – how does it look? Does the furniture look fresh and clean? Is the fabric looking a little dull and sad? Are you staring at a stain where your toddler spilled some juice? Life happens! Wear and tear happens!

Over time, dirt can work its way in to the fibers of your upholstered furniture and slowly break down the fabric. Rather than investing in brand new furniture every few years, paying a professional cleaning company to care for your furniture may be well worth your while … and your pocketbook.

Here are three simple reasons upholstery cleaning is a good investment:

  1. Some fabrics and upholstery can be hard to clean

There are more kinds of fabric out there than we could possibly name; truly infinite possibilities. And every single one of those fabrics is different. Some are manmade, some are synthetics. Some are easy to clean, some are not. If you are not a fabric expert, you could do some serious damage to the fabric by using the wrong cleaning solution or technique – like stretching, ripping, or discoloring.

Professional furniture cleaners have a firm understanding of the various types of upholstery, and proper techniques for each. They’ll take care to not over-saturate, which could lead to mold or stretching. They will be sure zippers or metal decorative touches aren’t going to rust, and any wood is also properly maintained.

  1. Protecting your warranty

When you initially purchased your furniture, did you take the time to read the fine print within the manufacturer’s warranty? There is a chance that trying to clean your furniture yourself could void your warranty! That is because, like we said above, every fabric is so different and a cleaner you pluck from a store shelf could actually hurt the fabric. Professional cleaners have experience will all kinds of materials and will know what will and will not work in every situation.

Professional furniture cleaning will simply further protect your investment. If you still have the paperwork from when you purchased your furniture, you might want to check to see what the manufacturer says about cleaning.

  1. Extend the life of your furniture

Like we already mentioned, if your furniture is fabric, soil can work its way all the way into the cushions and just continue to accumulate. Want to get even grosser? Dust mites don’t just live in your mattresses. They live in carpeting and upholstery as well. Dust mites survive by living off dead skin cells, which humans shed in droves every single day, meaning your furniture might be providing a constant food source for those dust mites to thrive, and reproduce.

Are those enough reasons for you? Deciding to have your furniture professionally cleaned by PCS Niagara means you can sit back and relax, and smell the clean!

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