Why Oriental Rugs?

CRG12It is fairly common today in our society to see some type of a rug in any room we walk into. However, not all rugs are created equal. Persian and oriental rugs have a beautiful, aesthetic appeal to them that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Oriental rugs add a deep richness, style, and tradition to any home they are in.

 So What Makes These Rugs So Special?

 Persian rugs are hand-woven. Thread after thread, strand after strand each one is expertly crafted by someone skilled in doing so. Because each rug is individually made they come in great variety. They are offered in a wide array design, colors, shapes, and sizes. Oftentimes, the one making the rug adds their own personal touch to each rug they make. These rugs are crafted in the Middle East. They are most widely produced in China, India, Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan. For Middle Easterners, oriental rugs are a powerful symbol of wealth and tradition.

The quality of these rugs is far superior to generic and store bought rugs. The main materials used to make these rugs are silk, wool, and cotton. These materials make the rugs soft and durable. A normal, bland looking room can be transformed into a classy stylish room with just the addition of one of these rugs.

Now That I Have One, How Do I Keep it Clean?

Here are a few tips to keeping your oriental rugs in prime condition.

Tip 1– Beware of sun damage. If your rug is out in the sun, take care to rotate it at least once a month. If it is unavoidable that your rug is in the sun, the sun will cause some fading, but if you rotate the rug periodically then the fading will be uniform throughout the whole rug,

Tip 2- Vary the pathways on your rug. Placing furniture or other heavy items on your rug will create a frequently used natural pathway in your rug. Move the furniture around periodically to change the pathways so one area doesn’t get worn out quicker than another.

Tip 3- Vacuum your rug regularly. While vacuuming will obviously remove unwanted foreign substances from the rug, it always provides another purpose. Vacuuming often will prevent the natural fibers of the rug from being packed down. This simply allows the rug to look nicer and be preserved for longer.

Tip 4- Clean all spills immediately. DO NOT use soap or bleach on your precious rug. Doing so could damage it. The first thing you’ll want to do is to absorb the spill using paper towels to prevent the potential stains from spreading further. Then, use only water to try and remove the stain.  The best thing to do, however, in situations like this is to look to those with professional experience. The trained and experience people at Professional Cleaning Specialists of Niagara have plenty of experience in the cleaning of oriental rugs and guarantee our work will be done to the highest of professional standards. If you have questions about the care of your oriental rugs give us a call today.

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