Wool Tufted Rugs

Tufted rugs are glued together rather than being woven. This is a much faster way to craft a rug, taking days to make the rug rather than the many months (or years) hand woven rugs take to weave. This allows for wool rugs to be at a lower cost than hand woven rugs. Most of today’s tufted wool rugs are made in India and China. 

  • In India, often wool that is not strong enough for weaving is sent to the tufted rugs. Lower quality wool tufted rugs often shed as a result. Heavy chemical processing of the wool can also make it brittle and easy to shed. Good quality wool doesn’t shed. 
  • Wool can last for decades, however, the adhesive backing on commodity tufted rugs has a much shorter life. The backing adhesive can break down and fall apart in 2 to 7 years depending on the quality of the glue and the type of use it gets.
  • Deteriorating glue on the back of tufted rugs can discolor and yellow floors. Protect your floors from damage by using pads.

Tufted wool rugs do not last as long as woven wool, but they allow people to have decorative nice wool rugs at a good price. 


Regular vacuuming protects the longevity of all rugs, however, with tufted rugs this can be a challenge. Most tufted rugs are crafted with lower quality wool than used in hand knotted rugs, so they are at risk of breaking. Strong suction vacuums, as well as rotating brush vacuums, must be avoided. A light weight vacuum, a canister vacuum, or a vacuum with the rotating brush turned off can all be choices.

Vacuum the surface of the fibers with your chosen vacuum tool as often as you need to sweep the nearby floors. 

When the backing glue is breaking down there will be fine white dust under the rug. The backing can be replaced to extend its life. 


Lower quality wool has less repellency to spills, so most spills reach the backing adhesive. The adhesive and cotton backing are both prone to mildew and bacteria growth from spills and pet accidents. Quick clean up is key. Applying fiber protector to these rugs can help suspend spills longer so you have a chance to blot and absorb them up. 

Large spills, and pet accidents, often require professional washing to try to decontaminate the backing to remove odors out of the adhesive. 

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